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Summer Conditioning Program

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All middle school students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grade in September wanting to get in shape for a Fall sports, 
sign up for Piedmont Rec Department Summer Conditioning Program.

    What:       Conditioning program for middle school students who want to get into shape for a Fall sport including cross     
                     country, flag football, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc.

                     Sessions will include running, sprinting, stretching, core, strength training and more.  Plus an endurance run 

                     into the surrounding neighborhood of between 1 to 2 miles is planned for most practices.

                     Participants must be able to run 1 mile without walking.  

    When:      Tuesday, July 22nd to Thursday, August 14th (Every Tuesday and Thursdays) from 4:00 to 5:15pm 
    Where:     Witter Field - Meet on the track at the Start/Finish line
    Sign UpsThe fee is $65.  
                     Go to "Downloads" and print the Summer Conditioning Program Registration Form.
                     Complete the bottom portion of the form and submit it to the "Piedmont Recreation Department," 
                     358 Hillside Ave., or bring to the first session.  
                     Please make checks payable to:  Piedmont Recreation Department.

                     Or you can register on-line here: Summer Conditioning On-line Sign Up

                     (Note:  A minimum of 15 sign-ups are necessary in order to offer this program.)

The goal of the PMS cross country team is to provide students the opportunity to develop their running ability in a fun, but directed environment where both the individual and team accomplishments are important and are recognized.   
    1.  Come on time to practice, ready to cooperate and give it your best effort
    2.  Listen when coaches and team members are talking.
    3.  Encourage and respect everyone on the team.
    4.  Always try your best.
    5.  Thank people for doing nice things.
    6.  Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
    7.  Practice good sportsmanship during training sessions and competition. 
    8.  Wear proper running attire to practice including running shoes, t-shirt, running shorts.


No spitting water, throwing rocks, climbing trees, etc.

No listening to IPODS, texting, talking on cell phone, etc. during practice

Listen and follow instructions of the coaches

If you aren’t feeling well, or think you have an injury let us know, we don’t want to make things worse by having you practice injured

Students are to address the adult coaches by “Mr.” or “Ms.” or Coach and that person’s first name, i.e. Coach Len

 No holding hands with any other student during any time unless directed to do so by a coach as part of a particular exercise

(Note: Other behavior guidelines may be added at the discretion of the coaching staff and Piedmont Recreation Department)

    1.  Every team member has fun and enjoys cross country.
    2.  At least one 6th grade team member, one boy and one girl, finish in the "top ten" at the league championship meet.
    3.  Our boys and girls 6th grade teams finish in the top three at the league championship meet.
    4.  At least one 7th grade or 8th grade team member, one boy and one girl, finish in the "top ten" at the league championship meet.
    5.  Our boys and girls 7/8th grade teams finish in the top three at the league championship meet.


This is not “fool around” or goof off fun, but it is the pride, satisfaction and fulfillment you will experience from improving your running, setting a personal best, competing in a meet, running with friends in practice, taking part and contributing to the team.  It is the fun of feeling good about oneself and participating in an activity that you can do your entire life.


    1.  Get to know your teammates. 
    2.  Encourage and help your teammates.

    3.  Give positive feedback to your teammates whenever possible.

    4.  Remember that positive attitude is highly contagious.

    5.  Work hard in practice.

    6.  Communicate with your coaches.

    7.  Attend at least one practice a week, run in three regular season meets, and run

         in the end of season championship meet.


 Running shoes, Asics, Saucony, Brooks, Nike, Mizzuno, even Puma.

Flip flops, sandals, Keens, Vans, slippers,  etc.  Absolutely not barefoot.

T-shirts, preferably non-cotton, appropriate to the weather, layered is good for adapting to changing conditions. 

Leather jackets, dress shirts, polo shirts, button down shirts, fancy shirts. 

Shorts and/or pants should be athletic in nature; lightweight, appropriate to the weather. 

Jeans, pants, clothing that does not stay on while running.

*Note: If you fail to comply with these rules you will not be able to practice with the team that day. 

NO talking or texting on cell phones, no video games, I-pods or non-coach provided toys at practice.  


Cross Country is sponsored by the City of Piedmont Recreation Department
Please Check Their Website for Other Programs:
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