2014 Weekly Bulletins

During the season, a weekly bulletin will be e-mailed to team member parents and posted on the website.  If you would like to get on the distribution list, e-mail: cchapon1305@gmail.com

October 2nd, 2015

Dear Parents, We had quite a full week with our two meets. Many thanks for all your hard work. See recap below.

Next week we have two meets with our league; please sign up your child and sign up for carpooling if you can.  We need drivers!!!!
  • Monday Oct 5th : Moraga, Golf course, grass,  rolling hills, dirt.
  • Thursday Oct 8th  : MLK: grass, Track, pavement, stairs
 We also have an additional meet on Wednesday Oct 7th at Crabe Cove with our friends from the South Alamada County League.  The race is 2 miles and does not count for the three meets requirement. We have at first only invited our 8th gr runners but are extending the invitation to runners from other grades.

Recap Meets:
Many thanks to so many of you for driving or/and volunteering at the Temescal meet today. The students had plenty of snacks and drinks too. Special kuddos to coach Minori who orchestrated the whole meet! She put a lot of effort in a very well planned event.
Many thanks to the following parents who volunteered today:
 At the finish line:
  • Brian Black ( and his sister visiting from Boston)
  • Eric Downing
  • Cindy Gong
  • Annette Clear
As course monitors:
  • Beth Black
  • Lesley Zalewski
  • Kathy Shotton
  • Regina Del Rosario Chan ( her daughter was not even at themeet)
  • Keiko Troyer
  • Jamie Laskey

As starter:

Steve Zirklebach ( he is not  even a cross-country parent but a track parent)

My apologies if I forgot some parents. Please let me know if you help!

Our students ran really well, with some beautiful performances ! I cannot name all of them but be assured that even if you child is not mentioned, he/she counts . We are a team, every runner matters, contributes to the team and makes a difference.
 6th gr Girls:
Tucker Donahue led the 6th gr girls at both meets followed by Ellie Black who was second for Piedmont at both races ( Ellie is just recovering from a broken arm) . Today we had 8 of our 6th gr girls top 15 ( Tucker, Ellie, Phoebe , Charlotte L, Juliette , Charlotte T, Caitlin and Kate)!!
 6th gr boys:
The 6th gr boys were lead by Luis Somers-Satue on Monday and Seamus Chamberlain-Carr today .Today,  four of them were top 10 ( Seamus, Cooper, André and Micah).
7th gr Boys:
Our 7th gr boys today had a chance to shine as they were not competing with the 8th graders. Gavin Horne led the pack while on Monday Kenji Abe-Bindeman was our first runner for Piedmont. We were pleased to have Toshi running with a purple Piedmont  cast for the first time since he broke his wrist. The 7t gr boys team was quite large today and Monday, they are not afraid of racing!
 7th/8th gr Girls
Our 7th/8th gr girls were amazing with Maggie Black winning both races  and Sophia Zalewski just behind in third position at each race. Aya Troyer ( 7th gr)  had another a amazing race too, being the thir runner for the 7th/8th gr team . Audrey and Yanela finished strongly almost together, rounding up the team.
 8th gr Boys:
 Today Ben Nicholas led the Piedmont team with a strong third place finishing followrd by Max Podell in 6th place. Benji Kostroun, Paul Davis,  Kihiro Lambert, Michael Podell, Nicholas Driscoll rounded up the team.

I have attached the unofficial results of the Golden Gate Field and the official results of the MLK meet.
 Many thanks to the following parents who volunteered today- Please accept my apologies if you help and your name is not listed below, make sure to let me know.
 At the finish line:
  • Brian Black ( and his sister visiting from Boston)
  • Eric Downing
  • Cindy Gong
  • Annette Clear
As course monitors:
  • Beth Black
  • Lesley Zalewski
  • Kathy Shotton
  • Regina Del Rosario Chan ( her daughter was not even at the meet)
  • Keiko Troyer
  • Jamie Laskey

As starter:

Steve Zirklebach ( he is not  even a cross-country parent but a track parent)

See you on Monday at the Moraga meet and on Tursday at the MLK meet!
Have a great week-end,
 Coach Christine and Coach Minori and the Piedmont coaching team

October 1st, 2015
Dear Parents, Many thanks for driving and volunteering. If you can volunteer while at the meet please let me know, we could use more help for Course monitor or Finish Line.
 We have   48 to 49 students signed up and 52 seats so we are good but we may have a few more students attending.

Since we are hosting the meet , the coaches may not be as available as usual, we will be focusing on the students and of course running the meet. Sorry if we sound a bit rushed tomorrow.

Info for  the Meet:

  • Students walk to the Piedmont Pool right after school- Students can use the Pool bathroom to change
  • Drivers: 3pm- Park in the Rec Dept Driveway 358 Hillside ave
  • The last car will leave no later than 3:20pm

Schedule: First race starts at 4:15pm, we should be done by 6pm. If you need to leave earlier make sure students signed out with Coach Minori and please check with coaches that students you drove either go back with yoor have a ride back home.
  • 4:15pm 6th Gr Girls
  • 6th gr  Boys
  • 7th/8th gr Girls
  • 7th/8th gr  Boys
Address6500 Broadway, Oakland- Past College Prep High school and Golden Gate ave.

Parking: Parking at the North Entrance, 6500 Broadway
 Snacks: Many thanks to parents who are bringing snack Please consider bringing fruits ( grapes are usually popular) or a few more snacks. The students are always starving.

Water Bottle/shirts: students should bring a wate rbottle with them and a dry shirt and sweatshirt.
Uniforms: We will have uniforms for students who did not pick up their uniform yet.
Checking out: Students need to let Coach Minori know when they are leaving. If they cannot find Coach Minori, they need to let another coach know.

Drivers and Volunteers:

Name- Temescal meet Seats availableGradeBoth ways
Need to leave earlierVolunteer
Ann Hauss 4

Annette Clear56

Registration- Finish Line
Beth Black0

Course Monitor
Brian Black 6

Finish Line with his sister
Cindy Gong3

Registration- Finish Line
Eric Downing ( Cooper's dad) 3

Finish Line
Lolita Amica3

Jamie Laskey4

Kathy Shotton3

Registration- Finish Line
Keiko Troyer1

will bring Toshi
Lambert family3

Lesley Z5

Course monitor
Michael Stankiewicz3

Ranuka/ Daniel Bornstein 3

Regina Del Rosario0

Course Monitor
Scott Donahue1

will bring Tucker if she runs
Ta Mueller-Harley 2

Coach-Finish line
Valerie Bakshi2

Vicky Podell1

Bring Michael from school

Students Signed up on Teamsnap:
Adhi Bornstein (1) Andre Stankiewicz (2) Audrey Wakefield (3) Aya Clear (4) Aya Troyer (5) Ben Nicholas (6) Benjamin Kostroun (7) Bronte Levin (8) Caitlin Gong (9) Charlotte Theut (10) Connors Stratman (11) Cooper Downing (12) Domenic Ripley (13) Dominic Judd (14) Eleanor Vo (15) Ellie Black (16) Gavin Horne (17) George Conroy (18) Henry Lambert (19) Holland Fuller (20) Ila Langager (21) Isabelle Griffis (22) Jabbar Weaver (23) Jack Blodgett (24) James Conroy (25) Katie Korn (26) Kihiro Lambert (27) Luke Chan (28) Maggie Black (29) Max Podell (30) Micah Mueller Harley (31) Michael Podell (32) Nathan Sturdivant (33) Nicholas Driscoll (34) Nicholas Koh (35) Oliver Shotton (36) Olivia Titterton (37) Owen Van Gelder (38) Paul Davies (39) Phoebe Nicholas (40) Samuel Nooney (41) Seamus Chamberlain Carr (42) Sebastien Suter Ternynck (43) Sophia Zalewski (44) Theo Bakshi (45) Toshi Troyer (46) Will Davies (47) Yanela Roberts (48)

  Please contact me if you have any questions, Many thanks for your support,
 The Piedmont Coaching staff.

September 13th, 2015
Sorry this message is long but contains useful information regarding meets and practices. I promise the next message will be shorter. Please read carefully.

This message is comprised of three sections:
  1. General Information:
    1. Teamsnap
    2. Website
    3. Practices and meets requirement
  2. News:
    1. 1st Meet: Sept 21
    2. Fall Fest 5k: Sept 26
    3. Home Meet-Need Volunteers: Oct 1
  3. Focus of the Week:
    1. Preparation to meets
    2. Inclusion- -Empathy-Sportsmanship

Dear Parents,

Students have completed their third week of cross-country excelling at their 1200m time trials, braving the heat. You can congratulate all of them!

 General Information

Teamsnap: This will be our tool for communicating.  
Please join if you have not done it yet.
PIedmont Middle school Cross-Country Website: Has lots of usual information : schedule-directions-results... www.pmscc.com
Practices requirement: Students are expected to attend at least one practice a week. Racing in a meet counts as a practice but we strongly encourage students to attend a practice also the week of a meet if possible. Practice is the place for the students to get stronger and recover from meets . Regular attendance  will protect them from injuries.
Please sign-up your child under the Availability Tab at least one week ahead of the meet students need to participate in three meets to compete in the Championship. This is one of our few rules from the League. We recommend that the students signed-up in the earliest meets. They will have more time to  learn  to overcome the anxiety of the meets, they will feel less pressure later in the season to complete their requirement, it will  give them  a chance to compete in additional meets. Most of all,  they will have fun and it will boost their energy and give them the desire to train harder!
Carpool: See below information

Uniform: Will be handed out this week at practice and we will have extra uniform at the meets. It's fine for students to wear their own shorts. Uniform need to be returned to Rec Dept at the end of season. If your child still has the one from last year please either keep it for this season or return it to us if it does not fit anymore.


FIRST MEET!!!!  Monday Sept 21 @ 4 :15pm

  • LOCATION: MLK Middle school,1781 Rose St Berkeley, CA 94703 Berkeley .
  • SIGN-UP your child under Availability tab in Teamsnap
    • Monday September 21st
    • Departure from  Rec Dept Driveway  No later than 3:20pm
    • Meets starts at 4:15pm usually last until 6-6:30pm.
    • Boys run first , 6th gr then 7th/8th gr combined
  • CARPOOL: Scott Donahue is our carpool parent.
    • Students: Meet at the  Piedmont Pool bleachers right after school. 
    • Drivers: Sign up under Refreshment tab if you can drive students indicate  how many kids you can drive and if you will drive one way or both ways.  Park your car  at 3:00pm at the Rec Dept Driveway, 358 Hillside. You will need to drive the students back to their home unless specified.
    • Running shoes
    • Enthusiasm
    • Uniform
    • Snack-Water bottle ( we don't always have snacks provided by parents)
    • Warm sweater and a dry shirt
  • SNACK for the Team: Under Refreshment tab- If you would like to contribute to a snack /drink students are always really hungry after their race and will appreciate it  ( water, low fat chocolate milk), fruit ( grapes, melon, watermelon), crackers, energy bars. You don't have to feed the whole team just indicate for how many you will provide. Many many thank.
  • SIGNING OUT at the meet:  All students need to sign out with a designated coach at the meet. We absolutely need to track every single child. 

FALL FEST 5K  (support the Piedmont Wellness Center) 

Saturday September 26th:

We would love to have as many students, parents, and sibling as possible running in the 5k Fall Fest, some of our coaches will be at the race. You can register at  http://piedmontfallfest5k.org/  


 At Lake Temescal-Oakland:  Please sign-up your students.We really would like a full team to represent proudly Piedmont.

Let me know if you can volunteer ( any time between 3pm-6pm) , thanks 

Focus for  this week

Preparation for the meets at practice: We will review the course with the students, talk about anxiety before the race, race etiquette, discuss race strategy  and will practice start and finish.

Inclusion-Empathy- Sportsmanship: : We have a wonderful team made of a diverse group of athletes with all abilities.  Our main  goal as coaches  is to prepare   our students to become well rounded athletes  who can   set a goal,  prepare  and  train for it to become a stronger, faster and more  resilient athlete and person who can demonstrate empathy, sportsmanship towards any team mates, peers at school or opponents at meets. 

We will focus in the next few weeks on discussing Goals,  Sportsmanship and Inclusion. Every one counts in the team, the first runner to the last one, they all experience challenges and rewards whether at a race or practice , being first at a race  comes with pressure but is  empowering,  being in the middle may makes you that you  are invisible but you can use the strength of the group to move up , being in the back can be discouraging and embarrassing but being preparing for and finishing the race is an achievable and honorable  goal, improvement is just around the corner.  Most important all students should finish the race or practice knowing that they have given their best that specific day.

 Do not hesitate to contact me and Coach Minori for questions

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