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Weekly Bulletin #7 - Week of October 12

posted Oct 10, 2009, 1:55 PM by PMS Coach
Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents of Cross Country Runners:
This coming week we kind of have a break in the schedule due to no school on Monday and Tuesday.  So here is the plan for next week:
Monday - Optional practice at the track, Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Tuesday - No practice
Wednesday - Practice from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m., run to Mulberry's bring some money if you want to buy something
Thursday - Meet at Prospect-Sierra in El Cerrito
Of course, the kids are encouraged to run on their own and earn extra credit, just a reminder you cannot count soccer matches, swim practice, basketball practice, etc. for extra credit, it must be running not associated with any other sports activity.  Hiking does not count either.
To remind you, you can submit the extra credit forms on-line, just go to:
http://www.pmscc.com/parents and click on "Extra Credit Form."
This past week, on October 5, the team traveled to Orinda for a meet with their closest rivals.  35 PMS runners participated and the meet was highlighted by 6th grader Maddie Copeland winning her race and provisionally setting a new school record for this course for 6th grade PMS girls.  (I am awaiting official results from the race director.)  Also finishing well in the standings were Alexandra Shoptaugh in 8th place and Nicole Bilorusky in 15th place.  For the 6th grade boys, PMS had two top ten finishers Alex Harrison in 5th place and Kyle Bilorusky in 6th places.  In the 7th and 8th grade boys race, Kevin Wu continued his fine season and was the runner-up in 2nd place, with Matthew Gologorsky coming in 7th and Andrew Jara was the 9th place finisher.  In the final race for the 7 & 8th grade girls, finishing in the top 10 was Anna Harleen and Angel Rael.  Pictures from the meet taken by Paul Kuroda can be found at:
At the remaining practices, this past week we worked a lot on doing some workouts at race pace.  These can be uncomfortable, because they are physically taxing.  Any child who legitimately feels they cannot do these workouts, I do excuse them, but after being a coach for 7 years and a runner my entire life, I know when someone is telling the truth or is just trying to avoid a hard workout.  These workouts will continue to be part of our regimen until the end of the season.  One other thing, on Thursday the kids got to try out the new agility equipment purchased for the team by the Boosters Club.  The response was very positive and again we appreciate this support. 
A couple of other items, just to confirm, I have made a reservation at Fenton's for Thursday, October 29.  The plan is for the kids to run there and I would really appreciate it if the parents could pick the kids up at Fenton's.  We should finish around 4:45 or so, service there is not exactly speedy.
The Mileage Award data cumulative through 10/9 is attached and is also on our website.  If there are any errors please contact me.  A majority of the kids have earned Jamba Juice cards and quite a few are up to the Fenton cards now.
The Gold Medal Awards this past week were to Chloe Jiang, Wills Bird, and Miles Von Herman.
A little advance planning, as most of you know the Piedmont Turkey Trot is on Thanksgiving Day.  Cross country team members have run in it every year and we get a super discounted rate, just $10 per child and they get a t-shirt too.  All I need to know at this point is if your child is interested in running in this race.  It is Thanksgiving Day at 8:30 a.m. and the distance is a 5K.  Also, to assist with the race, volunteers are needed race day, so if you can lend a hand that morning, let me know, I would really appreciate any volunteers.
The other item is plans are underway to hold a "Bay Area Middle School Championship Meet" on Tuesday, November 10.  This is a unique opportunity to run against other middle school'ers from throughout the Bay Area.  It will be held in San Leandro and I believe there will be several races.  There are not yet a lot of details and the Rec Dept. has to approve our participation, but in order to find out the level of interest, can you please go to this link:
Click on "Bay Area XC Meet Sow of interest" and indicate if your child would be interested in running in it.  More details in the next bulletin.
Don't forget, the Piedmont Boosters Club now has a "blog" containing sports highlights including cross country, the link to it is:
If you have any questions, please contact me. 
Len Goldman
510-339-2430 (H) 
Runners in the Prospect Sierra Meet on 10/15
Chris Baringer 6 Y
Kyle  Bilorusky 6 Y
Nicole Bilorusky 6 Y
Wills Bird 6 Y
Liam Carrington 6 Y
Luciano Chiodo 6 Y
Everett Ellis 6 Not Sure
Garrett Geldhill 6 Y
Dylan Porter 6 Not Sure
Alexandra Shoptaugh 6 Y
Ian Taylor 6 Not Sure
Madison Tenney 6 Y
Mitch Winters 6 Not Sure
Brian White 6 Y
Megan Wilensky 6 Y
Mason Willrich 6 Y
Danny Young 6 Not Sure
Chase  Betta 7 Not Sure
Max Bocheff 7 Y
Henry Ferguson 7 Y
Nick Gross Whitaker 7 Y
Thomas Horn 7 Not Sure
Michael Kuroda 7 Y
Sofia Lautt 7 Not Sure
Reid McCarty 7 Y
Angel Rael 7 Y
Andrew  Strauch 7 y
Miles Von Herrman 7 Y
Sydney  Williams 7 Y
JJ  Zhu 7 Y
Jacob Epstein 8 Y
Matthew Gologorsky 8 Y
Anna  Harleen 8 Not Sure
Andrew  Jara 8 Not Sure
Chloe Jiang 8 Not Sure
Ben  Kerley 8 Y
Aden Kinne 8 Y
Peter Lally 8 Y
Will McBain 8 Y
Lauren Ratzer 8 Y
Jiselle Soss 8 Y
Henry Taylor 8 Y
Forest  Wakeling 8 Y
Kevin Wu 8 Y