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Weekly Bulletin #6 - Week of 10/5

posted Oct 3, 2009, 3:13 PM by PMS Coach
Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents of Cross Country Runners:
We are at the half way point of our season, with just 5 weeks remaining.  I am very pleased with our team, not only in their running performance but in how they have conducted themselves and how much they appear to enjoy running.  The support of all the parents and Boosters Club has also been fantastic, so thank you.
Let me first review a couple of things about our upcoming schedule.  Monday, October 5th is a meet at Orinda Intermediate School and directions are attached.  The list of kids scheduled to participate is listed below. We have practice on Tuesday and Thursday as usual this week, again the kids need to make more of an effort to make it to practice on Tuesdays. 
Next week, October 12 & 13 (Monday and Tuesday) are school holidays.  I am planning on holding practice on Monday the 12th, but would like your input if you think this is appropriate and what time would work best, I am thinking of Noon.  There would be no practice on Tuesday, the 13th.  As I mentioned last time, the plan is to do our annual run to Fenton's on October 29, so if you can re-arrange your schedules to have your child fit that in, it would be great.  Finally, the meet on October 26 will be at Mills College.  So comments/questions on the abouve 
 On Thursday, October 1, PMS hosted its annual meet at Temescal.  It was the largest meet in league history, with almost 300 runners participating!  Despite having to put on the race in a construction zone the parents and kids from all the schools cooperated to make it a very successful event.  Special thanks to my coaches who assisted me, David Weisgerber, and to the parent volunteers, James Carrington, Dane Copeland, and Eileen White.  It was quite a sight to see and because of the large numbers and narrow start, I split the 7 & 8th grade boys race into two separate races.  I am still working on the complete results and they will be available at this link:  http://www.pmscc.com
Some PMS highlights from the meet were, once again we fielded a complete 6th grade girls team, with Maddie Copeland leading the way in 3rd place, Madison Tenney in 11th, Alexandra Shoptaugh in 14th, Nicole Bilorusky in 21st and Megan Wilensky in 23rd. For the 6th grade boys, our top finisher was Kyle Bilorusky in 15th place. The 7th & 8th grade girls race was closely contested and several PMS runners finished high in the standings, with Anna Harleen leading the way in 3rd place, followed by Sofia Lautt 8th place, and Angel Rael 12th place in 7:49.
The 2nd to last race was the 7th grade boys and once again Piedmont had several kids in the top 12; Andrew Strauch 5th place, Thomas Horn 6th place, Miles Von Herman 11th place, and
Chase Betta 12th place.  The final race was the 8th grade boys and it was also a very competitive race with three PMS runners in the top 10, Kevin Wu in 5th place, Matthew Gologorsky in 7th place, and Andrew Jara in 10th place.  The "Piedmont Post" was at the race so look for an article in the upcoming edition.  Sorry I was too busy to take photos, if Paul Kuroda sends me a link to his, I will post it on our home page.
The Mileage Award data cumulative through 10/2 is attached and is also on our website.  If there are any errors please contact me.  If your child can only come to practice once a week due to another sport the other days, let me know and they will get credit for that.  A majority of the kids have earned Jamba Juice cards and several are up to the Fenton cards now.
The Gold Medal Awards this past week were to Anna Harleen, Everett Ellis, Angel Rael, Chase Betta, Thomas Horn, Lucy Skugstad, and Matthew Gologorsky.
There are still several kids on the team that have not received their Singlets and t-shirts.  If your child has not received a singlet, they should stop by the Rec Department and get one from David Weisgerber or Lenny Parker.  I will be handing out the t-shirts at practice, and have a list of the kids who still need one.
If you have any questions, please contact me.  So on October 1, please remind your child to bring their running attire (singlet) and shoes, and to walk right after school to the Piedmont Community Hall, 711 Highland Ave. where the drivers will meet them. Finally, coming up on Monday, October 5 is a meet at Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda.   
Len Goldman
510-339-2430 (H) 
Participants in October 1 Meet
Chris Baringer 6
Kyle  Bilorusky 6
Nicole Bilorusky 6
Wills Bird 6
Liam Carrington 6
Luciano Chiodo 6
Maddie Copeland 6
Everett Ellis 6
Josh Erkelens* 6
Garrett Geldhill 6
Dylan Porter 6
Alexandra Shoptaugh 6
Ian Taylor* 6
Madison Tenney 6
Matthew Turney 6
Mitch Winters 6
Brian White 6
Megan Wilensky 6
Chase  Betta 7
Max Bocheff 7
Max Canty-Hilchey 7
Pierce Constanti* 7
Graham  Dean 7
Henry Ferguson 7
Thomas Horn* 7
Michael Kuroda 7
Sofia Lautt* 7
Reid McCarty 7
Angel Rael 7
Andrew  Strauch* 7
Miles Von Herrman 7
Sydney  Williams* 7
Corey Collier* 8
Jacob Epstein 8
Matthew Gologorsky 8
Anna  Harleen* 8
Andrew  Jara 8
Chloe Jiang 8
Ben  Kerley 8
Aden Kinne 8
Peter Lally 8
Will McBain 8
Lauren Ratzer* 8
Lucy Skugstag* 8
Jiselle Soss 8
Henry Taylor 8
Forest  Wakeling 8
Kevin Wu 8
Jacob Zimmerman* 8
* = Not Sure