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Weekly Bulletin #5 - Week of 9/28

posted Sep 26, 2009, 10:26 AM by PMS Coach
Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents of Cross Country Runners:
Our first two meets went well and thank you to all the drivers and snack providers, plus parents who came to the meets to cheer on the kids.  I am very pleased with how well the kids ran in the meets and think we will have a successful and fun season.  A couple of items that parents and team members should keep in mind:
-  Your child may need a little snack before they run, something light.  Remember some of the kids may not run until 5:00 pm and need some energy, fruit is always good.
-  The kids should dress in layers, its warm right now, but as the season progresses it will get cooler.  Many kids just had on their singlets and shorts for the duration of the meets this past week.
-  Our meets will end by 5:30 in most cases.  Your child should be home between 6:00 to 6:30 p.m., the good news is from here on out, only one meet per week.
-  The last couple of Tuesday practices have been very lightly attended, if your child has no other required obligations, they need to come to practice, you get better as a runner by running.
-  Don't forget to try and have the kids do some running one day on the weekend, minimum 1 mile and maximum two miles and report it on-line: http://www.pmscc.com/parents
-  Our annual run to Fenton's will be in late October and due to our meet schedule it may be on a Tuesday Oct. 27 or Thursday Oct. 29, what is your preference? Please e-mail me.
Before I re-cap the meet results, let me talk about the upcoming week.  I will not be at practice on Sept. 28, Steven Merigold will take my place and we should have 3 coaches present.  Tuesday is a regular practice day.  Thursday, October 1, we host a meet at Temescal Park in Oakland, directions are attached.  Come support the team, for the only meet we host during the season.  Traditionally all the schools in our league attend and we expect around 200 runners in total.  At the end of this e-mail is the list of the kids scheduled to participate.  Please if your child is ill or otherwise can't make it, let me and the team parent coordinator for your grade know.  Speaking of which Dane Copeland has taken Cindy Baringer's place as the 6th grade team parent.  The timeline for the October 1 meet is:
  - 4:15 to 4:30 -- 6th grade girls race
  - 4:30 to 4:45  -- 6th grade boys race
  - 4:45 to 5:05 -- 7th & 8th grade girls race 
  - 5:10 to 5:30  -- 7th & 8th grade boys race
This past week, we had two meets and the first one was at a unique venue, the infield of the Golden Gate Fields race track. 35 PMS runners participated in the meet and for many of the kids this was their first cross country meet ever.  The first race was the 6th grade boys division and PMS placed 3 boys in the top 11 runners, with Alex Harrison placing 9th, Kyle Bilorusky 10th, and Danny Young finishing in 11th place.  A total of 12-PMS 6th grade boys participated in the race, one of the largest squads in the league.  The next race was the 6th grade girls division, and Piedmont fielded a complete team of 5 or more girls.  Leading the way and finishing first by a rather large margin was Maddie Copeland.  Other PMS 6th grade girls who competed were Madison Tenney, Alexandra Shoptaugh, Nicole Bilorusky, and Megan Wilensky.  The 3rd race run that day was the 7& 8th grade combined boys division, Piedmont fielded a team of 15 runners.  Two PMS runners placed in the top 10, Kevin Wu finished in 3rd place, while Andrew Jara finished in 9th.  The final race of the day was the 7 & 8th grade combined girls division.  We were only able to field four girls for this race, but all of them ran well, with Sofia Lautt leading the way, followed by Sarah Ching, then Angel Rael, and Chloe Jiang.  Attached are "unofficial" results and times from the meet for just our runners.  Sorry but I am missing the times for a few boys.  Its up to each host school to provide official results, they will be posted on our website:  www.pmscc.com when I receive them.
On Thursday, September 24 the meet was at Prospect Sierra School in El Cerrito.  A total of
31 PMS runners participated.  Once again the kids ran extremely well and everyone should be proud of their effort.  Two or our girls got individual first places, with Maddie Copeland, 6th grade, winning rather handily, and 8th grader Annie Harleen coming from behind in the final stretch and winning her race.  Also running well for the 6th grade girls was Alexandra Shoptaugh in 6th place and Megan Wilensky in 8th place.  For the 7 & 8th grade girls, also running a good race was Angel Rael in 3rd place.  On the boys side, Kevin Wu - 8th grader got another 3rd place finish, Andrew Jara was 8th, and Chase Betta was 11th in the 7 & 8th grade race.  For the boys 6th grade team, Kyle Bilorusky finished in 10th place and Everett Ellis garnered 13th.  Again, once I receive the results from the host school I will post them.  Thanks to parent Paul Kuroda, we have lots of photos and videos from both meets.  The link is:
Also, photos can be found on our website at: http://www.pmscc.com/xc-photos
I don't have the Mileage Award Program data yet for this past week, it will be posted on our website, so check it on Sunday, but more and more kids are earning the Jamba Juice cards.
I awarded a number of Gold Medal Awards this past week and the kids who received them were
Michael Kuroda, Ava Podell, Andrew Jara, Sarah Ching, Dylan Porter, Maddie Copeland, Alex Harrison, Kevin Wu, and Sofia Lautt.  Regarding the Singlets and t-shirts.  If your child has not received a singlet, they should stop by the Rec Department and get one from David Weisgerber.  I will be handing out the t-shirts at practice, and have a list of the kids who still need one.
If you have any questions, please contact me.  So on October 1, please remind your child to bring their running attire (singlet) and shoes, and to walk right after school to the Piedmont Community Hall, 711 Highland Ave. where the drivers will meet them. Finally, coming up on Monday, October 5 is a meet at Orinda Intermediate School in Orinda.   
Len Goldman
510-339-2430 (H) 
Participants in October 1 Meet
Chris Baringer 6
Kyle  Bilorusky 6
Nicole Bilorusky 6
Wills Bird 6
Liam Carrington 6
Luciano Chiodo 6
Maddie Copeland 6
Everett Ellis 6
Josh Erkelens* 6
Garrett Geldhill 6
Dylan Porter 6
Alexandra Shoptaugh 6
Ian Taylor* 6
Madison Tenney 6
Matthew Turney 6
Mitch Winters 6
Brian White 6
Megan Wilensky 6
Chase  Betta 7
Max Bocheff 7
Max Canty-Hilchey 7
Pierce Constanti* 7
Graham  Dean 7
Henry Ferguson 7
Thomas Horn* 7
Michael Kuroda 7
Sofia Lautt* 7
Reid McCarty 7
Angel Rael 7
Andrew  Strauch* 7
Miles Von Herrman 7
Sydney  Williams* 7
Corey Collier* 8
Jacob Epstein 8
Matthew Gologorsky 8
Anna  Harleen* 8
Andrew  Jara 8
Chloe Jiang 8
Ben  Kerley 8
Aden Kinne 8
Peter Lally 8
Will McBain 8
Lauren Ratzer* 8
Lucy Skugstag* 8
Jiselle Soss 8
Henry Taylor 8
Forest  Wakeling 8
Kevin Wu 8
Jacob Zimmerman* 8
* = Not Sure