Bulletin #9

posted Oct 24, 2008, 12:09 PM by PMS Coach   [ updated Oct 24, 2008, 12:09 PM ]

Cross Country Parents and Runners,

Please read everything below and reply to the bottom of this email if necessary.


Meet Results

This week we had two meets. On Monday we went out to Kennedy Grove to a meet hosted by El Sobrante. We had several top finishers including Jack Flynn/2nd, Pierce Constanti/4th, Angel Rael/10th, Jack Hamner/10th, and Anna Harleen/9th. On Thursday, we visited Mills College for a meet hosted by St. Pauls. This was probably our best performance of the year; Andrew Strauch/1st, Miles Von Hermann/7th, Angel Rael/8th, Sofia Lautt/9th, Julian Frost/2nd, Matthew Leong/4th, Jane Linhares/2nd, Mara Blumenstein/5th, and Hadley Heckmann/10th.

Golden Gate Fields, Monday, October 27

Our final meet of the regular season is on Monday. The kids will get to run on the horse racecourse! It should be a lot of fun.

Fentons! Fentons! Fentons! Finally!!

For practice on Wednesday, we will be running to Fentons. We are trying to arrange special menu options for the kids to keep it simple and affordable. We will send out a special email bulletin next week with more details.

Championship Meets

The 6th grade championship meet will be November 3rd at Prospect Sierra and the 7th/8th grade championship meet will be November 6th at Joaquin Miller Park. In order to familiarize our runners with the courses, the coaches would like to meet with the kids on Saturday, November 1st for a preview. We would meet at the course location and run through the course once or twice. Parents would be responsible for getting kids there, waiting for 20-30 minutes and then taking them home. This course preview will be optional, but we feel will be a great benefit to our competitive runners in knowing what to expect for the championships.

Car Wash Fundraiser

Our car wash fundraiser is set for November 2nd from 11am-3pm at the Valero Gas Station. If your child can't volunteer to help, perhaps you can help by getting your cars washed! Kids have been given car wash tickets at practice. Cost is $10. Kids should return money and/or unsold tickets to coaches at practice next week. Here's how the volunteer schedule looks so far:


David Dunham - Adult 1 to 3

Corey Alt 1 to 3

Madeline Hsu 11-1

Luke Johnson 1 to 3

Evan Boltwood 1 to 3

Grant Gadbois 1 to 3 (may be able to provide supplies and a parent volunteer)

Jack Valen - can help just at the beginning (the Valen's can provide towels and soap)

Hadley Heckman - 11-1

Amber Ellis 11-1

Pierce Constanti - 11 to 1 shift

Mara Blumentahl 11 to 1(mother can also provide some supplies)

Reid McCarty and his Father Dave will work 1-3

Scott Arthur 1-3 (parents can provide car wash, sponges, buckets)

Kyler Stewart 1 to 3

Pierce Constanti 11 to 1

Please Reply to this Email if

- You have any questions.

- You would like your child to attend the course preview on Saturday, November 1st.

- Your child can volunteer for the carwash or you can donate/loan supplies.


Thanks and check out the website for updates, pictures, news, etc.:


Coach Len Goldman returns this week!