Bulletin #6

posted Oct 7, 2008, 2:30 PM by PMS Coach   [ updated Oct 7, 2008, 2:31 PM ]
Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents and Cross Country Runners:
The season is moving into high gear, as the kids continue to add to their running experience with a meet every week.  This is a reminder, I will be on vacation from October 9 to October 27, in my absence Steven Merigold will be filling in for me.  During this period, please direct your inquiries to him as I will not be checking
e-mail, phone calls, etc.  His contact information is:
510-652-2008 (home)
415-740-0242 (cell)
Please utilize our website also to check the schedule, directions, meet results, etc.  The link is:   http://sites.google.com/site/piedmontxc/Home
This past week there was a meet at Prospect-Sierra, the results are attached. It should be noted that in the judgment of the Race Director the 1st and 2nd finishers in the Boys race cut the course and were dropped to the bottom of the standings, moving everyone else up two sports.  The boys zigged when they should have zagged, I thought the infraction was insignificant, but its the race directors call. Pictures from the meet can be found at this link: 
Matthew Gologorsky set a new PMS course record for 7th grade boys at the Prospect Sierra site, please see the complete list of course records at:
Gold Medal award winners for this past week are Chase Betta, Patty Lindsey, Julian Frost, and Madeline Hsu.
Coming up this week on Monday, there is a meet at Orinda, directions are attached.  Below is a list of names of participants, if I have missed anyone let me know, as we only have enough drivers for the kids on the list.  Please if your child is scheduled to run and can't, call Steven Merigold ASAP, we only want to have enough drivers as are needed.  Also, the weather is changeable this time of year.  Note, practices and meets are held rain or shine.  Don't assume that if it is raining that a meet will be canceled.  An e-mail bulletin will be sent if any meets are canceled due to weather.  Running in the rain is part of our sport, and the elements just make it more challenging.
Some upcoming activities, this week besides the meet on Monday, regular practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday we will include a stop at Mulberry's so the kids should bring their money.  On Wednesday there will be another raffle of running related prizes, so the kids are to bring their play money.  Don't forget, our annual run/party to Fenton's will be on Wednesday, October 29. 
If you have any questions, contact me until Wednesday evening October 8, after that contact Steven Merigold.  Thank you.
Len Goldman