Bulletin # 4

posted Sep 21, 2008, 11:09 AM by PMS Coach   [ updated Sep 21, 2008, 11:14 AM ]
Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents and Cross Country Runners:
Well, we've completed one month of our season, and our first meet was on Thursday; the team is shaping up nicely with almost 60 runners on our roster this year.  One item where I really need your cooperation is the "Show of Interest" form which is attached. 
I need this returned in the next couple of days so we can start planning our car pooling. 
First, about the meet last week.  A group of 30 PMS middle school'ers kicked off their 2008 season at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley.  In the first race, 12 PMS 6th grade boys toed the start line for the 1 mile race.  The PMS runners quickly asserted themselves at the front of the pack and held their place as they toured the campus of the school.  The team placed five runners in the top 10, with Andrew Strauch leading the way in first place with a time of 7 minutes and 9 seconds.  In 2nd place was Jack Flynn, with a time of 7:20.  The 6th grade girls race was next and there were four PMS runners in the race.  Angel Rael led the first part of the race and eventually finished in the top ten with a time of 7:47.  For the 7 & 8th grade boys, PMS fielded a team of 9 runners and 2 placed in the top 10 led by 7th grader Matthew Gologorsky in 7th place and Jack Hamner in 9th place.  The final race of the day was the 7 & 8th grade girls race and the team had 5 girls in the race.  8th grader Amber Ellis led the way for the team is a time of 8:27. Unofficial results are below. A number of team records were set for this course and this can be found at:  http://sites.google.com/site/piedmontxc/meet-records-1
Also, photos from the meet can be found at:
I have some t-shirts left behind after the meet and will bring them to practice.
Game ball certificates for their performance at this meet will be awarded to Andrew Strauch, Angel Rael, Matthew Gologorsky, and Amber Ellis.
Next week, we host our only regular season meet of the season at Temescal Park in Oakland on Thursday, September 25.  Please remind your child to walk to the Piedmont Community Hall parking lot right after school that day.  At the end of this message is a list of the kids running in the meet.  Please note, car pool arrangements have been set-up based on this list, and the parent drivers have re-arranged their schedule so they can drive.  Notify me if for some reason your child is unable to attend.  Directions to Temescal Park are attached and a map of the park can be found at:
Please note, park in the parking lot at the North end of the park. The tentative schedule of races is as follows:
  - 4:15 to 4:30 -- 6th grade girls race  
  - 4:30 to 4:45  -- 6th grade boys race
  - 4:45 to 5:05 -- 7th & 8th grade girls race 
  - 5:10 to 5:30  -- 7th & 8th grade boys race
I can use a couple of parent volunteers to help with the meet, please e-mail me if you can, you will still be able to watch the meet.
This past week was a busy one for the team (and coaches) with a number of different activities taking place.  This including handing out the team t-shirt which will continue for those kids that have not received their shirt yet.  This past week, we started handing out the Jamba Juice gift cards to those kids who have accumulated 20 or more miles thus far in the season.  In addition, we held our first "auction" of running related prizes with the kids using the cross country "bucks" that they have earned during practice.  I also distributed the free Icees donated by Mulberrys and on Wednesday the team ran over to Mulberrys for a snack.  Our coaching staff is in place and most of the kids have met all of them.  We are very lucky to have such a talented group, please check out their bios at:
Finally, if there is no objection, I would like to display the e-mail addresses rather than not show them.  If you would rather not have yours displayed, just let me know.  Planning ahead a bit, our annual visit to Fenton's is tentatively set for Wednesday October 29.  I know this date probably does not work for everyone, but perhaps you can re-arrange your child's schedule if they would like to participate.  Any questions, please contact me.  Thanks.
Len Goldman
7th & 8th Graders Running In Temescal Meet
Grant Gadbois
Matthew Gologorsky
Aden Kinne
Will McBain
Jiselle Soss
Alex Strauch
Henry Taylor
Corey Alt
Scott Arthur
Matthew Bleich
Evan Boltwood
Amber Ellis
Julian Frost
Jack Hamner
Hadley Heckman
Madeline Hsu
Luke Johnson
Matthew Leong
Alec Petty
Alex Soghikian
Skyler  Stefke
Kyler Stewart
Hannah Weverka
7 & 8th Grade Boys MLK Meet
Place    Name                          Time
7           Matthew Gologorsky    7:42
9           Jack Hamner               7:45
12         Alec Petty                   7:46
13         Matthew Leong            7:58  
20         Corey Alt                     8:??
42         Henry Taylor                8:54
44         Matthew Bleich            8:56
45         Skyler S.                     9:16
54         Grant Gadbois             9:40
62         Will McBain                 9:48
7 & 8th Grade Girls MLK Meet
Name                          Time
Amber Ellis                  8:27
Hadley Heckmann        8:57  
Jiselle Soss                 9:44
Aden Kinne                10:00
Hannah Weverka         10:46
6th Graders Running in the Temescal Meet
Jack Adams
Chase Betta
Max Bocheff
Pierce Constantini
Maddie Copeland
Julian Cortes
Graham Dean
Banks Dotson
David Ehrlich
Henry Ferguson
Jack Flynn
Sofia Lautt
Patty Lindsey
Sarah Lofstrom
Reid McCarty
Nic McDermott
Maggie McDermott
Angel Rael
Claire Schane
Andrew  Strauch
Jack Valen
Miles Von Herrman
6th Grade Boys - 1 mile
Place      Name                        Time
1            Andrew Strauch           7:09
2            Jack Flynn                  7:20
6            Jack Valen                  7:43
8            Miles VonHerrman       7:44
9            Chase Betta                7:47
15          Graham Dean              8:04
17          Jack Adams                8:05
21          Julian Cortes               8:21
30          Max  Bocheff               9:19
31          Ethan Leon                10:28
32          Dylan Swan                10:29
33          Henry Ferguson           11:12
6th Grade Girls - 1 Mile
Name                        Time
Angel Rael                  7:47
Banks Dotson             8:03
Sofia Lautt                  8:26
Claire Schane             8:38