Bulletin # 2

posted Sep 8, 2008, 9:31 AM by PMS Coach   [ updated Sep 21, 2008, 11:11 AM ]

Dear Piedmont Middle School Parents of Cross Country Runners:

So far 50 kids have signed up for cross country, exceeding last year's number of 35. We really appreciate the support and interest in the program! Our 2nd week of practice was a short one due to the Labor Day holiday and the unseasonably warm weather. As a result the duration and intensity of the workouts were curtailed, more so for the 6th graders than the 7th & 8th graders. For the most part, we tried to avoid the track, where the reflected heat makes it even hotter, and ran in the surrounding area. We made good use of the agility ladders, to practice footwork and coordination, and the kids seemed to like it. The 6th graders did hill repeats with the game "run for the money" using play money and really got into trying to race for the money at the top of the hill. We took frequent water breaks and I provided a drink called "Joint Juice" to all the kids at each practice this week. All the snacks and drinks are donated, thanks to the generosity of sponsors with whom I have a running club relationship. One new sponsor is Mulberry's Market which has donated 50 free Icee's to team members.

I just wanted to reminded everyone, that we have a very short turnaround on determining which kids want to run in the meets during the month of September. See attached "show of interest form." I need your help in having this information returned to me as soon as possible. Again, either e-mail, call me, or have your child return this form to me, your cooperation is much appreciated. As I mentioned, I encourage every child to run in the meets and there is a league rule that a runner must have run in 3 regular season meets in order to compete in the championship meet. So I hope that every child will decide to run in at least 3 meets during the months of September and October. Attached is the schedule for the entire season. On the days we compete in meets, for those kids who decide not to run in the meet, there will not be a practice session. All the coaches will be at the meet.

Don't forget too, if you haven't registered your child for the cross country program with the Rec Department, it needs to be done as soon as possible.

Next week, the tempo of practices will pick up a bit, as we introduce some more intense running including a "time trial" which will simulate a cross country meet. The course will start on the track and the kids will run around the the adjacent area and finish back on the track. Don't forget to check out the team's website, and more information is being added on an on-going basis.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Len Goldman