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Cross Country Season Starts

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    About Us & History of Program


    The 2013 season will be the program's eighth year since its inception and this popular co-ed sports program includes both running and fun activities. Last year was the largest in the team's history, with 120 kids participating and the team enjoyed success on the field of play, highlighted by the three league titles, the most ever.  The 6th grade girls and 6th grade boys both won league titles and for the 2nd consecutive year, the 7th&8th grade girls repeated as league champions.  The program features a flexible practice schedule that allows kids to fit in their other after-school activities and it has a proven record of kids having fun and engaging in a healthy activity.

    Students of all ability levels are welcome and the program helps develop endurance, which is important in being better prepared to play other sports.  The season officially starts when the school year begins and goes until the end of October.  Practices are Monday through Thursday right after school for 90 minutes.  This format allows kids to pick the days that best fit their schedule and provides the flexibility to participate in other after-school programs.  Note, you do not have to attend every practice, but you are required to attend at least one practice a week unless you are ill or injured.  Choose the days of the week you want to come, and it can vary from week to week.
    Practices will include running for endurance, improving your running form, a warm-up and cool down, and core muscles strengthening, and more.  In addition, there will be runs to local parks (Crocker, Dracena, Hampton, etc.), plus popular destinations such as Fenton's, Mulberry's, etc.  Fun running games will also be incorporated into practices and there will be a team party to kick-off the season and to end it.  A mileage reward program will be part of the season's activities rewards will be earned for coming to practice and participating in meets.  During the season, there will be competition with other middle schools and 6th graders run a mile and 7th & 8th graders run 1.25 miles in the meets. The season concludes with a championship meet for each grade level and gender, with both individual and team trophies awarded.  Every team member is required to run in at least 3 meets during the season, plus the championship meet.